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Handwritten Notecards

Handwritten notes seem to be a rarity these days. With e-mails and text messages the importance of a simple note seems to have been lost. Sending a handwritten note shows someone that they are of importance to you. Taking the time to choose the stationary, writing the letter, purchasing the stamp and mailing it shows someone that you are willing to invest in them. How many times during your life have you come across an old card or letter from a friend or relative and it brought back so many memories? Compare that to the times you have ever come across a printed e-mail. It just isn’t the same. Take time to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. From family, friends, colleagues and even clients, a handwritten note can make someone’s day.

Closeup of a white and yellow flower with green background notecard
Daisy Flower Just a Note Greeting Card

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