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Decorating With Ceramic Tiles

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Ceramic Tile

February 23 is the National Tile Day. Tile can be functional elements as well as decorative pieces. From the classic subway tiles to the extravagant, tiles are a way to add an attractive and durable element to surfaces and have been used for centuries.

Black Eyed Susan Life is Beautiful Desk Organizer

Ceramic tiles have been used in architecture for thousands of years and can be found in some of the oldest civilizations. They were originally only used to decorate the homes of the wealthy along with important buildings. Each civilization used their own style and these different styles are still used today. These different styles include murals, mosaics and low-base relief tile.

Northern Cardinal Keepsake Box with Ceramic Tile

Since clay was readily available in all cultures tiles could be found in all parts of the world. They were durable as well as attractive. Tiles would be colored and glazed and were laid in elaborate patterns which made them very popular.

Eastern Blue Bird Ceramic Tile Matthew 6:26

During the 18th century, wealthy American began importing tiles to install in their homes. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that tile became more affordable and even more elaborate. In the early 1900’s subway tiles were introduced and became a common design elements in kitchens and bathrooms of the middle class.

Today ceramic tiles can be found in many designs and patterns and are used in a number of different ways. From flooring, back-splashes, coasters, décor elements to art projects you can find them everywhere.

Polar Bear Keepsake Box with Ceramic Tile

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