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Home Office Desk Accessories & Supplies

Are you looking for the coolest home office supplies? You have come to the right place.

Small Home Office Ideas and Supplies

Home Office Desk Accessories and Supplies

Are you tired of your bland and boring home office? Check out my list of home office desk accessories and supplies.

Below are 10 types of office supplies you can find in my Zazzle store. If you do not find the perfect home office desk accessories in this list, go to my Zazzle store for even more products.

1. File Folders

Organization does not have to be boring. Brighten up your home office filing cabinets with some bright and colorful file folders.

The folders are sold as a set of 3. They measure 11.75" x 18.25". Included with the folders are 6 gold foil accent labeling stickers. Perfect for offices, classrooms, and everywhere you want to get organized.

Pictured below are:


If you would rather use a mouse than a touchpad, you need a good mouse pad. And we have a ton of fun designs to choose from.

These mouse pads measure 9.25" long x 7.75" wide. They are high quality pads with full-color printing. There is a non-slip backing that will help it stay in place.

Pictured below are:

3. Desk Organizers

Keep your desk neat and tidy with a desk organizer. These wood and ceramic desk organizers are great for keeping your clutter contained.

The desk organizers measure 5" long x 5" wide x 1.75" deep. It is printed front and back on two 4.25" white ceramic tiles. There are three compartments.

Pictured below are:

4. Clipboards

Clipboards come in handy for several reasons. You can use one to keep track of your to-do lists, hang one in your kitchen for your grocery list, keep your birding list like me, etc.

These clipboards can help you or your friends stay organized. The clipboards measure 12.5" long x 9" wide x .125” thick. They are designed for letter and A4 sized paper. It will hold up to 0.5 inches of paper securely. It is made of ultra-durable acrylic.

Pictured below are:


This fun, thoughtful gift would make a beautiful addition to any home or desk. It measures 3" x 3" x .75". It is made from high polished glass with a felt backing. Included is an elegant box, which makes it perfect for gifting.

Pictured below are:


Avery 3 ring binders are perfect for work projects, scrapbooking, photo albums, recipe books, and more.

There are 3 sizes to pick from, 1”, 1.5”, and 2”. The 1” binder will hold 275 pages. The 2” will hold 400 pages. And the 2” binder will hold 540 pages.

Pictured below are:


This iPad Smart cover comes in 6 sizes: iPad 9.5”, iPad 9.7”, iPad 7.9”, iPad Pro 9.7”, and 8th Gen iPad w/10.2”. The covers are made with smooth white polyurethane (exterior) and a gray microfiber (interior). It attaches to an iPad with magnets. It features a wake/sleep function, and it folds into a stand.

Pictured below are:


Acrylic trays are the chicest way to kill two birds with one stone: tidy storage + glam décor. You can use it as a desk accessory or a coffee table accessory. Whether you are using it display your favorite knick-knacks or need to keep your supplies organized, a tray is the perfect choice.

The small tray measures 8.125” x 8.125” x 1.7”. It is made from grade A acrylic.

Pictured below are:


These bird and caterpillar calendars are printed on sturdy high-quality paper with vibrant full-color, full-bleed printing. Choose from 16 unique grid styles, 21 language and culture styles, and 4 holiday and event templates. You can pick your own year, start month, and end month.

Pictured below are:


Our neoprene laptop sleeves will help protect your laptop from dirt and scratches. It is made with 100% neoprene and is lightweight and water resistant. These sleeves are great for travel or just day-to-day use.

The neoprene sleeve is a form fitting case. It will only fit slim laptops. It is available in 10", 13", and 15" sizes.

Pictured below are:

I hope you found the perfect home office supplies that will add a little bit of your personality to your workplace.

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