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Magnets Have Many Practical Uses

The Best is Yet to Come Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillar Magnet

Magnets are great souvenirs from vacations and are a perfect way to advertise your business too. They can be used for brightening up your kitchen or workplace as well as keeping important notes safe and easy to find.

When thinking of magnets we usually think of decorative pieces that have whimsical shapes or flat pieces that picture our favorite animals or cartoon characters. But they also come in many more forms that help to make our daily life simpler. Magnets can also be found on bottle openers, name tags, notepads, to-do-lists and much more.

Derbyan Parakeet Magnet

Many people even enjoy the hobby of collecting magnets. One who collects magnets is known as a memomagnetist. This name comes from the word “memoriale” which means memory and the word “magnetis” which means magnetic. This name is derived from the collecting of magnets from places and events that will leave a memory with the collector.

Ohio Northern Cardinal Collectible Magnet

Other Uses for Magnets

In today’s age it is easy to find whatever type of magnet we are looking. We can get on the internet and perform a quick search and there are all types to choose from. Zazzle will even let you customize the magnets that you purchase to make them even more special.

- Magnetic Business Cards

Having a personalized magnetic business card is a great way for your clients to keep your contact information at their fingertips. Having a card that stands out and is useful allows them to put it where they can easily find it. It won’t get lost in a large pile of random cards that will eventually be thrown away.

Wood Grain Design Construction Magnetic Business Card

- Wedding Favors

Personalized magnets are a great gift for your wedding guests. This will allow them to remember your special day for years to come.

Save the Date Champagne Glasses Wedding Magnet

- Family Photos

What a great way to show off your family. Buy them for yourself, or have some made for others.

Tie Dye Design Personalized Photo Magnet

- Pet Photos

Who doesn’t adore their pet? We can never take enough photos or show them enough love. Decorate your fridge or take your pet to your office with you. Maybe someone even loves them as much as you do. Give them a small gift that pictures your adorable friend.

Best Dog Ever Customizeable Magnet

- Magnetic Products

Magnets can make products more easily accessible. Having a magnet on an item that you use often can save you the hassle of looking for it. They can also allow for better organization allowing for a more streamlined look.

Full Moon Bottle Opener

Whether you are an avid collector or you are looking for a practical gift idea magnets can be found almost anywhere. They serve many different purposes and can be fun as well as useful. If you are looking into starting a new enjoyable hobby magnets are easy to find and for the most part inexpensive. They don’t take up much space and can be great conversation starters. Check out our large selection of magnets in our Wilfreda Designs Store.

Bald Eagle Magnetic Bottle Opener

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